Rothenberg Ping Pong Tournament

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We very excited to have you play the Rothenberg Ping Pong tournament. We think the structure below allows for both fun play and a workable structure.
We will provide racquets and balls, but feel free to bring your paddle if preferred.


  • Ping pong entrants will receive a  wristband at squash check-in desk to distinguish themselves from non-pong players.
  • The A draw and B draw players will each have their own color wristband.
  • From 5:30 pm on Friday through closing on Saturday night, players in each draw will play as many matches as possible among the players in their draw.
  • As per official table tennis rules, each game will be to 11 points (win by 2) and each match will be best of 3 games.
  • Toni Glassman and Pierre Martin (photos at right) will be directing play on Eastern Athletic Club's two ping pong tables.
  • To get a match, either find Toni or Pierre to get paired with another player in your group, or simply approach another player with the same color wristband and hop on the next available table.
  • Play as much as you can between Friday at 5 pm and closing Saturday night.
  • At the end of each match, report your scores to Toni and Pierre or record your score on the draw sheet on the wall


  • At the close of the day on Saturday, we will rank the best players in the draw by win percentage. You will need to have played a minimum of four matches to be ranked.
  • You are welcome to play MORE than four matches. You are welcome to play LESS than four matches. But, you must play AT LEAST four matches to be ranked among the best players for your group.
  • Please note this is win percentage, not total number of wins. In the event of ties, we will consider head to head results vs. other players with at least four matches played.
  • We will pick the top four in each division to advance to Sunday's Finals.
  • The top four players will play a round robin bracket on Sunday to identify the winner.
  • The bracket will be self-scheduled and all matches must be completed by 3:00 pm.
  • If you place in the top four but are unable to attend the finals on Sunday, kindly let us know so that we may substitutte the next available player.
  • Medals will be given to each draw winner