Registered players for the Rothenberg Squash Tournament - 2019-Apr-12

Men's 2.0/Beginner

Men's 3.0

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Men's 3.5

Men's 4.0

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Men's 4.5

Men's 5.0

Men's 5.5

Men's 6.0

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Men's Open

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Women's 2.0/Beginner

Women's 3.0

Women's 3.5

Women's 4.0

Women's Invitational

The Women's Invitational contains a mix of 5.0 and 5.5 players. All players will start in the same draw on Friday night. The 1st round winners will move on to play an 8-player W5.5 draw, and the 1st round losers will play a new 8-player W5.0 draw.  All players will get four matches during the tournament. If you are a 5.0 or 5.5 player and looking for a challenging draw, sign up for the women's invitational.