A Winter Appeal from StreetSquash

December 19, 2012 - 2:28pm
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What can we do...
For 13 years StreetSquash has been working to help our students move forward. Our six-day programming week and our ever-growing college readiness initiatives are big parts of that effort. However, while we are proud of our results, StreetSquash will always be about more than simple numbers on a page... StreetSquash is a community of individuals working together: Students, parents, teachers, staff, volunteers and YOU, our supporters, who make possible the successes and the bright futures ahead for all StreetSquashers.

Recent StreetSquash highlights:
  • 150+ students enrolled in College Access and Success Programs.
  • 100% high school graduation rate.
  • $150,000 awarded in college scholarships over six years.
  • Average 213 point SAT improvement.
  • 40+ hours of physical fitness per week.
  • 83% college graduation rate.
  • Over 3000 hours of community service each year.
  • 180+ students in Academic and Squash Programs.

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