Squash Skill Levels

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Correlating squash skill levels to a specific number is imprecise, but we have found the notes below to be a useful reference point. See also our list of videos at the right for examples of match play at each skill level.


Beginner, still learning to keep score, can rally at slow pace with player of equal ability, has trouble hitting consistently while on the run, cannot get ball out of corners, cannot volley with any consistency, can serve, knows the basic rules, does not understand let point rule, has not played tournament squash.


Can consistently hit the ball in play when not under pressure, can hit the ball hard when set up, starting to get balls out of the corners, can move forward for a medium drop, starting to use the four corners of the court, has moderate physical fitness, has just begun to play tournament squash.


Can run to all four corners, starting to use the lob, has the ability to reach behind themselves and get the ball back into play, understands the drop shot and boast but cannot execute consistently, has probably played in a few tournaments, cannot consistently return a good lob serve, should understand the let point rule.


Understands the general principles of depth, uses all four corners of the court as part of shot selection, has a fair volley and can execute a boast and a drop shot, has good physical fitness and ability to play hard matches two days in a row, forehand and backhand are hit with varying speeds in varying direction.


Dependable player, hits with depth and control on most shots, still rushes shots when under pressure, has power to drive the ball past an opponent on the T, can volley an easy ball in order to avoid getting stuck in the corners.


Very dependable on both forehand and backhand, can return serve with good depth both down the rail and cross court, volleys easy balls for depth and to the drop, understands how to hit to the nick on balls out in the middle, starting to learn to hold the shot on a ball in the middle, can retrieve consistently out of the back corners, can consistently cover all four corners from the T.


Can consistently hit the ground strokes for power, length, and touch, very physically fit with the ability to play hard tournament matches, attempts to place every shot, can lob effectively from both the front court and the back court, can drop shot off the volley, understands and can generally execute the premise that winning a point requires moving the opponent out of position before going for a winner.


Has mastered all aspects of the game, only separated from 6.0 players by fitness and the quality of the shots, frequently has an outstanding shot or shots around which to build his or her game, has more physical and mental lapses than the 6.0 player.


Rankings or past rankings speak for themselves, this player has typically had intensive training for national, collegiate or international tournament competition.