FASSP Squash (Finesse, Accuracy, Strength, Speed, Perception) is a squash program based out of Sportsplex-Stamford and St. Luke’s School. FASSP Squash curriculum improves your game by working on the little details of squash. Drawing on his experience competing in top-level squash tournaments and vast knowledge of the game, Kumail has spent the last eight years developing the FASSP Squash program.

Regardless, if you’re a seasoned squash player or interested in picking up the sport, Sportsplex has a real treat for you. We recently renovated our squash courts so your game experience is even better. And beyond the courts there’s some other great reasons you’ll love playing squash here at Sportsplex. An Amazing Workout Squash burns more calories per hour (900+) more than almost any other activity (See below). If you want to lose weight, and get fit, squash is the game for you.


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