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It all started when summer residents of the Oenoke Ridge felt the need for a club that would offer a convenient and pleasant resort for its members. Those feelings lead to the formation of the Oenoke Field Club…to promote the interests of lawn tennis and other sports stated the New Canaan Messenger of 1893. The property was located on the Bliss estate just north of the present Presbyterian Church. There was just enough room to build two or more golf holes and some tennis courts. The Club soon outgrew its limited space and in 1897 the Club moved to what is now known as Country Club Road.

208 acres were rented from the St. John Farm and the home of the late Squire Richards was the site of the clubhouse. Improvements were made to the original farmhouse; a men’s locker room was added and a huge fireplace, capable of holding six foot length logs was located in the large living room. The fireplace is believed to be buried inside an existing support wall located in the kitchen. The property and improvements to the Clubhouse cost something over $5,000. Work by the club members on the grounds commenced in early June and on the 4th of July 1897 four holes of golf were ready for play.

With every new spring, new developments appeared. Soon there was a nine-hole golf course; Tennis courts were added; trap shooting became popular; croquet green was built; and several members even stabled their horses in the “old barn.”

The Club continued to grow in popularity and membership; the physical plant was enlarged and electric lights were installed in 1908. In 1910 a large dancing pavilion was added just north of the living room. Later this was glassed in to offer protection against evening thunderstorms. Thus, began the start of so many additions and renovations to our clubhouse.


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This 2000 Under-19 Swiss National Singles champion,who later played a major role in Trinity College’s Potter Cup (emblematic ofthe U. S. National Collegiate Team champion) titles from 2003-06, has shown a penchant for beginning his partnerships with former Trinity teammates with a bang: in his first appearance with Bantam co-alumnus Jonny Smith in the fall of 2009, they barged to and almost through the U. S. Pro final, leading Chris Walker and Mark Chaloner two-love and later 10-6 in...
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