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Apawamis is one of the oldest clubs in our country, dating back to 1890, and became an early member of the USGA in 1897. The founders were a group of God-fearing, rugged and upright individualists who believed there was a need for an institutional meeting place to expand culture and civic consciousness of the community. To these worthy objectives were added the mental and physical improvement of its members – and to satisfy that need, a golf course, although crude, was built in 1896. Today, Apawamis is a full-service family club offering golf, swimming, squash, tennis, and paddle tennis. With only 18 holes and a clubhouse that looks more like a rambling country home than an imposing piece of architecture, it remains a unique setting in the midst of mainstream, prestigious Westchester golf, according to a 1988 article in The Country Club magazine.


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International Singles (2), Doubles (1)

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