Mostafa Asal accuses rivals of diving like footballers

April 24, 2023 - 3:50am
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Mostafa Asal has accused his opponents on the PSA World Tour of ‘diving’ like footballers to try to get him punished by referees – and says squash needs systemic change to resolve ‘conflicts’ which are adversely affecting his career. 

In a wide-ranging interview in the latest edition of Squash Player magazine, the recently deposed world No.1 says his rivals are using “disruptive tactics” to win points and conduct strokes against him. 

Asal was hit with a six-week ban by the PSA disciplinary panel just after the recent Canary Wharf Classic which ruled him out of the Optasia Championship at Wimbledon Club and the British Open in Birmingham. The charges related to ‘dangerous play’ in two matches at the CIB Egyptian Open last October. 

Asal’s return to the Tour at the World Championships in Chicago next month – during which he celebrates his 22nd birthday – may well be explosive.  

“It is a fashion to over-react to contact to try to get a penalty. Players know I am going to beat them at squash so they are coming up with disruptive tactics,” he claimed. 

“It is not just one player, it has evolved to most players. It is not helpful for squash to try to win points and conduct strokes. 

“In football, when a player falls or dives trying to get a penalty, the referee can give them a yellow and then a red card. That would never happen in squash. In squash there is no downside to diving.” 300w, 150w, 768w, 1536w, 696w, 1068w, 1920w, 1978w, 1392w" sizes="(max-width: 696px) 100vw, 696px" data-recalc-dims="1" />
Lean machine: Asal uses the wall to help his balance

Asal went on to allege that unspecified “conflicts” in the game were affecting his career – and promised to go public with specific complaints soon. 

“There are a lot of conflicts in the game that need to be resolved. It is not the referee’s fault, it is the system,” said the Egyptian. “The system needs to be changed. As world No.1, I am saying the system needs to be changed for the squash community, for the sport I love.” 

Asked on what changes he’d like to see, Asal added: “For there not to be a lot of conflict in squash. There is a lot of conflict in squash in one area. I will speak about this very soon, but I don’t want to reveal it now. 

“It is a huge story. Maybe I have 60/40 supporters or 40/60 supporters, but when I speak out, they will all be my supporters. I would like the video to go on Netflix.” 

Asal revealed that his perceived wrongdoing by authorities and fellow pros is affecting his love of playing squash. “Sometimes I feel I hate the sport because of what is happening,” he stated. 

“I am not playing for the love of it. I will try to concentrate for the one hour I have to play and after that, not talk or think about squash. That is not good vibes. You need to love your sport.” 

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