RLC def StreetSquash 5-4

By Anonymous
September 30, 2012 - 7:31pm
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In the closest match of the tour, the British Army team narrowly defeated at team consisting of two players from Columbia, two from StreetSquash, two from CitySquash, and a player from F &M, Fordham and a Manhattan junior by a 5-4 margin. The British team tour manager cleverly discharged (honorably) the junior they pressed into service in an earlier match and then defeated her today in the #4 position. At first it appeared that the NY Squash team had prevailed 5-4, but the British discovered an "accidental" error, which reversed the score.

The Columbia players played in the #1 and #2 slots, both winning and serving notice that the Columbia men will probably move up sharply this year in the college rankings. The young urban squash players were particularly impressive.

The NYSquash representative in a desperation move to stop the British winning streak took the British to lunch at Katz’s the day before hoping that knishes and pastrami would slow them down, but the Brits overcame the disability with an even longer than usual late night practice at there still-undiscovered courts referred to as "The "Junction".

The StreetSquash hosts generously allowed the use of their center that was praised by the British as one of the best facilities they have ever seen. The NYSquash coach for the match, Bryan Patterson, vowed that the British steak would be broken the next night at Fordham University where a Bronx All-Star team has been practicing for weeks.


  1. Graham Miao (NYS) def CPL Dean Boys, 3-0
  2. Theo Buchsbaum (NYS) def LTC Simon White, 3-0
  3. Capt Chris O’Brien (RLC) def Gabriella Sarah, 3-1
  4. WO1 John Swain (RLC) def Daequam Leslie, 3-1
  5. Maj Stuart Heaton (RLC) def Kincaid Webster, 3-1
  6. Billy Fleurime (NYS) def WO2 Andy Black, 3-0
  7. LTC John Roskelly (RLC) def Marcus Stromsmo, 3-0
  8. Maj Jim Bacon (RLC) def Mamdou Diallo, 3-1
  9. Amar Moorer (NYS) def WO2 Steve Brown, 3-1