Harvard Club Defeats British Army Team

By Anonymous
October 4, 2012 - 2:16pm
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In a hard-fought 5-4 victory, the Harvard Club came out on top with a 5-4 decision over the British Army team. The was the second straight victory for a New York Squash team over the Brits and set up what will be a possibly deciding match for the War of 1812 Redux trophy at SCLA on October 4 at 6:45 p.m. The match, under rules set forth by the New York Squash coordinator, provided that the match won by the Bronx team was triple weighted. The British retained counsel and are seeking a mandatory injunction to have this decision reversed. A State Supreme Court Justice held a hearing on the morning of October 4th and promised a decision by 9 p.m. This means that if the British win the case is moot since they win by either method of scoring.

Nevertheless the SCLA team has vowed to secure a win so the issue is still in doubt.
NY Squash has engaged Tiffany to produce a trophy of $500,000 value to be paid for by subscription. It may take a few months for the generous New York squash players to raise this amount. In a classy move the British made the first donation of $7, which equals the fines, collected under their unique compliance system from the NY Squash coordinator. Should the British win the trophy is to be housed in the Tower of London with the Queen’s jewels. If NY Squash wins the trophy will be displayed in the Printing House lobby.



  1. Sat Seshadri (HC) def Cpl Dean Boys, 3-0
  2. Ned Reeves (HC) def LTC Simon White, 3-0
  3. CPT Chris O’Brien (RLC) def John Moon, 3-2
  4. WO1 John Swain (RLC) def Ross Hallock, 3-1
  5. Evan Jenkins (HC) def Maj Stuart Heaton, 3-1
  6. Malcolm West (HC) def WO2 Andy Black, 3-0
  7. Ramanan Raghavendran (HC) def LTC John Roskelly, 3-2
  8. Maj Jim Bacon (RLC) def Bill Zachary, 3-2
  9. WO2 Steve Brown (RLC) def Philippe Hecker, 3-1