British Army Team Defeats SCLA - Wins War Of 1812 Redux Trophy

By Anonymous
October 4, 2012 - 11:46am
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In a hard-fought 5-4 victory, the British Army team came out on top with a 5-4 decision over the SC/LA team. This concluded the matches of the RLC 2012 tour. The standby championship trophy was awarded to the Brits to be held until the formal trophy to be made by Tiffany is finished and paid for by New York Squash’s members’ contributions.

The defeat was particularly disheartening to the host club since a critical withdrawal of former Pvt Gabriella Sarah may have contributed to the loss. There is a rumor that when she turns 18 in a few weeks, she intends to enlist again in the British Army. Before she left the club with a “sore shoulder” she was seen hugging some of the Brits.

Notwithstanding a few controversial moments, the matches were a great success. The intensity of the play was understandable since the match finally settled the controversy of who the winner was of the War of 1812.

  1. Cpl Dean Boys (RLC) def Jordan Brail, 3-2
  2. Alastair Clark (SCLA) def LTC Simon White, 3-1
  3. Cpt Chris O’Brien (RLC) def “The Mouth”, 3-2
  4. Emilio Lopez (SCLA) def WO1 John Swain, 3-1
  5. Sumer Sharma (SCLA) def Maj Stuart Heaton, 3-0
  6. WO2 Andy Black (RLC) def Robert Cymrot, 3-0
  7. LTC John Roskelly (RLC) def Dr. Andrew Koff, 3-2
  8. Corey Modeste (SCLA) def Maj Jim Bacon, 3-2
  9. WO2 Steve Brown (RLC) def Jacob Ham, 3-1